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Our Featured Works

Every Child Is An Artist

Every Child Is An Artist is a nationally ground breaking programme to develop the skills and innate artistic ability of every child in Oasis Academy Hobmoor.
Our aim is to develop the people, skills, ability, opportunities and space needed for art & creativity to flourish in school over the next three years.


Bringing Amazing Artists into school to work with the children we will create new works of art for the community. We are working with Year 1 through to
Year 6 and started the beginning of September 2015.


Focus on Digital Arts



We are working with Augmented Reality, 3D scanning and printing, re-purposing and designing with Little Bits and Makey Makey,
creating films and animations with comic life, vine and other stuff. Pulling it all together in a virtual world the children and parents
can down load, find the AR codes in the community.

Spring term is visual arts, and the summer term is performing arts…

If your interested in Every Child Is An Artist for your school, please get in touch with us


CONTACT US – mail: info@mercurialdance.co.uk

Focus on Visual Arts

In Visual Arts we have been exploring the theme of Our Community. The children have been working with ceramics, upcycled art, screen printing and sculpture. The end of term exhibition opened to the friends, families and school community.

The whole project is delivered by Mercurial’s team of artists, who make and present work professionally. We are experienced in communicating our arts practice in educational settings and this is what enables us to really stretch the children’s imagination and ability.




We establish, produce and deliver participatory projects which focus on the development of performance and creative skills for all ages.
Participatory project range in scale from select groups to over 600 performers in a single show.


 Thank you for two incredible days! I have learnt sooooooo much!

— Andrea Giles, Teacher —

Aspire Week 2016

Aspire provokes us all to think about two questions: Who am I? Where am I going? It is a range of experiences that plant seeds… seeds that will flourish throughout our lives.

— Paul Tarry, Principal —

Our Aspire week is raising Aspirations At Oasis Academy Hobmoor and Oasis Short Heath. Over 720 children experience trips to the cultural institutions and internationally renown guests visit the school to work with learners.

Each of these films offer a short documentary about one of the experiences.

I worked with a guest workshop leader
I went on a trip
I tried something new I have never done before

Oasis Nine Habits Day

Learning about the behaviours we need to achieve our ambitions

Coventry Cathedral

Helping us to do one small thing for peace

Our Guest Workshops

Helping us to take action in the community

Aspire Trip To University Of Birmingham

How can University help our futures?

Our Trip to IKON Gallery and BMAG

Shaping our Identity and understanging our culture


The Themes for Aspire – This year taking place across two schools for over a month of activities explored:

Who am I?
Trips to cultural institutions like IKON, BMaG, Coventry Cathedral and the Library help us explore our identity and culture.

What do I believe?
Guest leaders such as Clive Fowle and The Feast help us to explore our beliefs and how these shape how we think, feel and act for today and in the future.

How should I behave?
The Oasis Nine Habits help us think about the kind of person we want to become. What habits do we need to achieve our ambitions and work together in a thriving, healthy community? These are: Compassionate, Patient, Humble, Hopeful, Honest, Joyful, Considerate, Self-controlled, Forgiving.

What action do I take to achieve my goals?
Blessing Maragere, Young Entrepreneur and Serena Arthur, Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham are two of the people who’ve worked with us. They are role models who have achieved their aspirations at a young age, they helped us to see what is possible by talking about the steps they took to success.


FORT – A Boys Dance Film

Fort – The Quiet Man Suite

The Quiet Man in FORT takes a stand against isolation, power, responsibility and the crowd.


Created with 84 lads from schools in Sandwell, FORT was Directed and Choreographed by Oliver Scott of Mercurial Dance, and created with Filmmaker Jay Langdell and Composer Andrew Kristy


The aim of Warwick Arts Centre’s Boys Dancing project with is to prove to boys that dance is exciting, engaging, fun and challenging. We want to show that dance is a great mix of spontaneous physical and mental activity – it requires physical strength like in sport and it provides a great workout for the mind.

Full infomation about the project and the other 5 films in the suite can be found on www.boysdancing.org





ASPIRE! week

Ofsted Mentioned our Aspire week at Oasis Academy Hobmoor

“Teachers make good use of focus weeks, such as ‘Aspire’ week, to encourage pupils to have high expectations of what they can achieve in life. They use visits and visitors particularly well to provide pupils with meaningful experiences that enrich their learning.” Ofsted March 2015

Oasis Academy Hobmoor as gone from RI to GOOD in just 18 months!

Aspire Week Highlights (above, 3mins) and Aspire Week mini documentary (below, 12mins)

Aspire week really addresses SMSC “Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is promoted well” Ofsted March 2015 on Oasis Academy Hobmoor

We Are Dreaming Bigger Dreams for The Future

— Paul Tarry —
dare dream risk

We recently produced ASPIRE! week at Oasis Hobmoor in Yardley. During this highly engaging week for the whole school, we drew together Guest Speakers and workshops, each day themed around a different area of society and aspirations for life in Modern Britain.

– a keynote by young entrepreneur and UK Young Ambassador to Europe Blessing Maregere

– with Steve Chalke and The Feast bringing together Muslim and Christian perspectives on how faith supports aspiration

Arts and Culture
– Artists Jo Roberts and Ursula Westwood worked with the children and other groups went to Ikon gallery to study Imran qureshi’s work

– leaders from our community groups talked about the steps they took towards the local park, and children took learning walks round their local community looking at things they can change today.

– led by John Hemming MP who worked with the pupil parliament

Through this week we launched blogging in the school and the whole week is documented with videos and pictures



“That was my best week in school, as i got inspired” Year 5 child

If you would like us to organise an Aspire week in your school then

mail: info@mercurialdance.co.uk

A new vision for Oasis Academy Hobmoor

What a lovely reflection of our school

— Miss Ranny —

Vision Building Anthems

Our Anthem programme is part of a holistic vision to encourage children’s creativity and aspiration within their schools.  Much more than the the production of a new school song and music video, the Anthem with Oasis Academy Hobmoor is a project that built and reflected a vision for the 2014 generation at the School..
Over a series of days we worked with a group of children to explore how their school was changing since becoming an academy and what their aspirations, reflections and desires are for their new school. Explored through creative writing, poetry and song lyrics this steering group help to shape and collect a feeling for the new school.
Opening up the task of generating the song to the whole school we set up a Lyric Lottery, where all the children submitted their ideas and writings for the lyrics. These were collated and developed in to the verses and chorus in collaboration with a songwriting group of children.
The children and staff were keen to have a unique look to the film that represented and shows off Oasis Academy Hobmoor, and feature a playful narrative. We developed a script for En’Light’en that reflects the childrens humour and sense of play. Through the process we ran a series of light painting workshops with the children developing the mood and feel for the character which have been incorporated into the final film.

Enliven your Vision

Create your own Anthem

We can create your own, unique anthem and music video with your pupils


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