Aspire Week 2016

Aspire provokes us all to think about two questions: Who am I? Where am I going? It is a range of experiences that plant seeds… seeds that will flourish throughout our lives.

— Paul Tarry, Principal —

Our Aspire week is raising Aspirations At Oasis Academy Hobmoor and Oasis Short Heath. Over 720 children experience trips to the cultural institutions and internationally renown guests visit the school to work with learners.

Each of these films offer a short documentary about one of the experiences.

I worked with a guest workshop leader
I went on a trip
I tried something new I have never done before

Oasis Nine Habits Day

Learning about the behaviours we need to achieve our ambitions

Coventry Cathedral

Helping us to do one small thing for peace

Our Guest Workshops

Helping us to take action in the community

Aspire Trip To University Of Birmingham

How can University help our futures?

Our Trip to IKON Gallery and BMAG

Shaping our Identity and understanging our culture


The Themes for Aspire – This year taking place across two schools for over a month of activities explored:

Who am I?
Trips to cultural institutions like IKON, BMaG, Coventry Cathedral and the Library help us explore our identity and culture.

What do I believe?
Guest leaders such as Clive Fowle and The Feast help us to explore our beliefs and how these shape how we think, feel and act for today and in the future.

How should I behave?
The Oasis Nine Habits help us think about the kind of person we want to become. What habits do we need to achieve our ambitions and work together in a thriving, healthy community? These are: Compassionate, Patient, Humble, Hopeful, Honest, Joyful, Considerate, Self-controlled, Forgiving.

What action do I take to achieve my goals?
Blessing Maragere, Young Entrepreneur and Serena Arthur, Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham are two of the people who’ve worked with us. They are role models who have achieved their aspirations at a young age, they helped us to see what is possible by talking about the steps they took to success.


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