Route 10

Project Description

A new dance theatre piece about journeys to health – touring from July 2020

Route 10 is inspired by Coventry’s No 10 bus route, which is used in reports to highlight health inequalities in the city. On average people live ten years longer as you travel from the areas of deprivation on the east side of the city to more affluent areas on the west, a journey that can be found in every city. As the bus becomes a theatrical space, audiences find themselves in close proximity with live performers. Shining a light on city life, with a health and well being focus, Route 10 treats it’s audiences to comedy, dance, and spoken word as well as including some audience participation.

Through our research we have partnered with different community groups, Warwick and Coventry University academics and health professionals. These partners have enabled us to draw on diverse sources from healing traditions of different cultures including faith healing, complementary therapies, modern medicine and dance movement practices to explore the body’s capacity to heal and a body/mind interplay within this.

Route 10 is currently developing project partners following performances tested in Coventry on the bus and at Coventry Cathedral.

Project Details

Client: Mercurial Dance

Tags: Currently Touring, Performance

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