Fair Youth

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Fair Youth

Touring 2016

A physical fluid dance duet inspired by Shakespeare’s Sonnets. It is a fun performance suitable for all ages, perfect for ages 12+ and adults.

  • “Brilliant and Breathtaking”

    — John —
  • “It captured the interest of people who wouldn’t normally experience dance, including people of different ages and backgrounds”

    — Ruth —
  • This was the first time that library space had been used for a dance performance, it was also the first time that a performance took place in and around the normal day to day working of the library rather than closed away in a meeting room. <strong>The result was totally amazing.</strong> Promotion of the event had brought extra visitors into the library – visitor footfall was increased by 500 people during the day. But the real impact was to bring such a high quality artistic performance to people as they were using the library, providing art right there in front of people who may never have experienced this before or considered that it was for them. Performing in a public library space meant that the performance was open to all ages and cultures. The comments from users speak for themselves about how much the skill and artistry of the performance was appreciated.’

    — Coventry Library service —
  • “A wonderful ‘other’ use of our libraries. Shhh…they’re dancing”

    — Catherine —
  • “This was an incredible piece to be able to see in a public space. More of these please!”

    — Steve —
  • </p>
Schools performance and workshop package available

A date with destiny brings The Poet and Fair Youth together for the first time. Filling the library with playful performance you can follow The Fair Youth and The Poet as they dance their way through and around the bookshelves. In this personal portrait of the world’s most famous love poems, Shakespeare’s Sonnets are brought alive with dance and performance.

Our first performances took place in the Libraries of Coventry and Warwickshire.

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Client: Coventry & Warwickshire Library Services

Tags: Currently Touring, Performance

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