Project Description

Cascades is a participatory ‘ballet’ – a digital dance shaped by interactive projections and sound and performed entirely by you, the audience

A series of digital scores, projection mapped into the space, offer visual stimuli. Pathways and patterns are offered for you to explore your relationship to yourself, the digital and other players in the space. Can you play with the dynamic scenes, or take a moment to look from a different viewpoint? Watch the dance emerge as the projections skip, follow and shape movement.

In Cascades the audience is invited to become performers and choreography is created spontaneously between members each other.

Cascades has been reinstalled in a number of difference festivals and places

Cascades Technical Set Up
Application built with Processing 1.5.1 using ToxicLibs library.
Vision tracking with CCV (community core vision) communicating via OSC/TUIO protocols.

CASCADES tours as indoor, outdoor and single screen versions.

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