The City Breathes

‘The City Breathes’ is a poetic and engaging trio that features two dancers and a spoken word artist. It is a response to the health challenges that we face in our cities, and speaks to how mindfulness and connectedness are important pathways on our journeys towards healing and wellbeing. The spoken word is weaved into, and around, the movement, almost becoming a community prayer; a call to action for healing and connections across our communities. ‘The City Breathes’ was created based on research undertaken with diverse community groups in Coventry, and in consultation with academics at Warwick University and Coventry University.

Project Details

Our preview for ‘The City Breathes’ at Coventry Cathedral achieved 300 audience members across three performances. Our optimum size audience is between 100-200 per performance, although it could be higher if needed depending on sight lines.

The piece will be 20 minutes long and therefore can be repeated (daily/and over the days).

We can provide organisations with promotional print, film clips, photos and press releases.

  • The performance needs minimal technical requirements and can be performed both indoor or outdoor.
  • Stereo sound system, audio in, radio mic (over ear) and 4 channel mixing desk.
  • We are able to resource technical needs ourselves
    13amp power supply
  • Performance space minimum 8m x8m that has a surface that can accommodate dance
  • We do not necessarily need sprung/dance-specific floor, surface needs to even, smooth and not slippy (the floor in the Cathedral was smooth stone and we were able to perform adequately on that)
  • We can resource and lay dance marley if needed (grey/black) and are happy to share technical equipment/flooring with other artists if on the same day(s) in the same space
  • We cannot perform on grass
  • We cannot perform in the rain/drizzle, if outdoors, due to slip hazards
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