Coventry Mysteries Festival 2011

It’s My Right @ The Bubble Chamber

For a second year the Bubble Chamber has been invited by the Coventry Mysteries Company to create a new site-specific dance and technology installation in the heart of Coventry for the festival season. For the 2011 theme of Rights and Responsibilities we focused in on the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child, specifically Article 31: The right to play freely and to rest. Working with two primary schools from Coventry the project offered transformational experiences for the pupils and teachers involved in the project. Confidence in performing, a new attitude to dance and changes in how the teachers viewed their class and their creative learning all took place over the project.

Kitty took a lead role performing in ‘It’s My Right’. Previously she struggled to perform in school assemblies, often being tearful, through the project she has gained so much confidence and courage. You could see her enjoyment and pride

— Class Teacher —
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