• The whole ‘Aspire Month’ opened so many doors for the children to explore and aspire to immediately and for the future. Working with Oliver enabled me to transform a vision into reality. The time I spent with Oliver planning the ‘Aspirations Month’ was invaluable. From our discussions Oliver planned thoroughly and all plans were open to negotiation.
    His contacts with museums, universities, art galleries etc was second to none and I had complete confidence that the trips which were planned were right for the children. Oliver fully engaged with staff and they too were part of the planning. This enabled ownership by the staff and thus a whole academy approach to our ‘Aspirations Month’ which was fully engaging for all stakeholders with desired impact.  I would fully recommend Oliver Scott and Mercurial Dance, a service I will definitely use again.

    Mrs Michelle Lee, Principal Oasis Academy Shortheath —
  • Aspire Week is all about getting the children to think big about who they are and where they are going; giving them a whole range of experiences that might plant a seed that will flourish throughout their life.

    Paul Tarry, Principal Oasis Academy Hobmoor —
  • The children in my class really enjoyed the workshop last week. It was a great mix of drama and role play activities, with opportunity for collaboration, team bonding and also quiet reflection and discussion time. The children were engaged throughout the session and both members of staff had excellent behaviour management strategies, high expectations and a kind and relaxed manner with the children.

    Charlotte S, Year 5 Teacher —
  • So fantastic to have dance happen in a library, making it accessible to everyone. It captured the interest of people who wouldn’t normally experience dance, including people of different ages & backgrounds. The performance was fun, physical and engaging and made me want to dance so much!

    Audience Comment on Fair Youth —
  • Sessions full of energy, pace and engagement. The children were taught some essential theatrical skills, but also some key literary ones as well. The sessions offered the children an alternate perspective in which to learn the skills from enabling them to reflect on their own history and personal circumstances. In summation the children were enthused by the sessions and took a great deal back to the classroom.

    Tom Carrol, Class Teacher —
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