Glow is an interactive digital artwork created by artists Oliver Scott and Ashley Brown for Coventry’s City Arcade. Viewer’s movement is captured on camera and translated into eye-catching graphics which evolve over time. Presented over three interactive screens in the windows of the Bubble Chamber the piece encourages animation, creativity and dance.

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Project Description

Artistically Glow is about the exploration of a specific question of how we can encourage an audience on a journey into dance through the Digital? A current theme for our work and artistic development. Visually, a swarm of particles follows the movement and attempts to capture and engulf the engaging visitor.

Their pathway through the city arcade is shown as a series of interconnected particles that mesh together, leaving a digital trail marking their presence. Throughout the day the tone and contrast change to reflect the changing mood and tempo of movement.
Glow uses several pieces of computer software, video hardware and an Apple iMac to realise the artistic vision. Isadora, used extensively for all of the Bubble Chamber projects, forms the main vision tracking by decoding the movement of the passer-by into data. This data is fed into a coded program, created with the open source language Processing,
to create generative led digital artwork that evolves over time and responds to the users’ movement. Engagement forces the artwork to alter tone and size and becomes a direct feedback invoking endless game mechanics and instilling a sense of ownership and pride.
Glow is available to tour and can be reworked for different spaces and media contexts.
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