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A beautifully produced hard back book and FREE e-reader versions

available now direct from our publishers

This book captures a flavour of the amazing work that has come out of the collaboration between us as company in residence at Oasis Academy Hobmoor, the talented hardworking teaching staff and our inspiring students. As Paul Tarry, Principal at the academy says

“We know that it isn‘t just ‘what you know’ that determines how far you go in modern Britain. One of the key drivers behind Aspire! has been Mick Waters’ thinking around ‘the rules of life game’. Aspire! deliberately sets out to help pupils build their cultural knowledge and capital by guaranteeing them key experiences. It aims to help pupils build a know-how about networking and contacts, alongside an understanding of the ‘etiquette and tactics for success’.”

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Client: Oasis Academy Hobmoor

Tags: Books, Education

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