Inspired by The Herbert’s Silk ribbon collection, BeRibboned uses choreography and dance imagery to explore themes of adornment and parade. A modern look at historical past. The dance was created from the ribbons theme: ideas of fashion, adornment; and the effect dancing with a ribbon has on the shape of movement. The dancers move through the vertical fabric strips dancing into and out of focus as they cross the screens. These horizontal pathways and lines of ribbons are symbolic of a woven pattern through time: Coventry has been shaped by the ribbon industry.

Project Description

In 1840’s Coventry Ribbon industry was famous throughout the world. 30,000 weavers in the city produced Ribbons for Society. Coventry’s Ribbons were the highest of Fashion, something you had to be seen wearing. The pursuit of ‘Cool’ in the 1840’s was linked to wearing brands as much as
it is today.

Featuring figures projected on giant ribbon like screens, twisting, turning, weaving, posing and dancing. Mercurial Dance worked for six days with students from Cardinal Wiseman School to create this film. We explored choreographic tasks, developing new skills in dance and partner work.

Project Details

Run Time: approx 12 minutes.

With thanks to Kirsti Greenway, Nadine Holdsworth, Cardinal Wiseman School, Coventry University, Warwick University and staff at The Herbert.

Creative Team


Alison Bennett, Amy Davies, Angharad Edge, Ashleigh Newman, Catherine Smith, Corrie Clarke, Georgia Carolan, Jessica Rous, Kayleigh Power, Kirsty Keenan, Kyomie Kelly, Lauren Lanigan, Layla Dalton, Natalie Hunt, Natalie Fullarton, Nicola Harrison, Roxanne O’Neill, Samantha Clark, Samantha Bridges, Sara Chowrimootoo, Sarah Lee, Shannon Curley, Stephanie Greatrex, Tayla O’Sullivan.


Sam Page, Andy Bevan, Chris Parker.


Ian Roberts.


Higher (breath)(dirty) by Move.meant La Face Cachee De La Moon by Greg Beaumont.

Graphic Design

Bill Sankey.

Director of Photography:

Dom Breadmore.

Dance Artist:

Cressida Carthy.

Director and Choreographer:

Oliver Scott.

Post production:

Predacom Productions.

Produced by:

Mercurial Dance Ltd.

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